Clinically proven nasal sprays that can provide an extra layer of protection

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Help keep you and your family protected

The Nasaleze product range can strengthen the barrier function of your nose, protecting against allergens, airborne germs and viruses. One or two sprays coats your nostrils with a fine cellulose powder to create a physical barrier that helps shield you. It starts to work in just two minutes and is non-drowsy.

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Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of the products have been demonstrated in a number of clinical studies conducted by independent experts.

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Product Reviews

Read about how others have benefited from using the Nasaleze product range.

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Allergy Blocker

Allergy Blocker®

Fast acting, clinically proven, drug free hay fever and allergy prevention.

Allergy Blocker

Cold & Flu Blocker®

Fast acting, clinically proven, drug free cold and flu prevention.

Allergy Blocker

Nasaleze Travel®

Fast acting, clinically proven, drug free germ and virus prevention.

Allergy Blocker

Nasaleze PM Shield®

Clinically proven, drug free protection against particulate matter and pollution.